AWiB, an abbreviation for the Association of Women in Business, is a membership-based organization operating in Ethiopia. The organization’s primary objective is to empower women by offering networking platforms that foster their personal and professional growth. AWiB is dedicated to cultivating women leaders and equipping them with the necessary resources and tools to excel in their careers and beyond. As part of its mission, AWiB annually recognizes and acknowledges Ethiopian women who have made significant contributions to their communities and country through the Women of Excellence (WOE) awards. Since 2012, the WOE awards have been recognizing women who have accomplished greatness in their respective fields.
In 2018, AWiB proudly presented the nominees for the Women of Excellence Awards, and Rahel Shawl was the recipient of the 2018 Women of Excellence Award. Her successful building projects, which include embassies, schools, healthcare centers, offices, commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, were among the reasons for the recognition. Despite the challenges of a developing country and rapidly urbanizing ecosystem, where the design and construction environment is frenzied and chaotic, Rahel strongly believes that architects should be the leading voices to bring positive change to the construction sector and ensure the health and well-being of communities, cities, and the built environment.

Rahel Shawl:~ “We need to be proud of who we are, which enables us to know our self-worth. Once we know our self-worth, no one can pull us down and we can get through anything. So, let’s have a sense of peaceful identity”