The Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Design is awarded to accomplished practitioners who have a significant influence on shaping the built and natural environment. The recipients’ work must advance positive social outcomes in the US and globally. These fellows temporarily step away from their busy professional lives for one academic year. They audit classes at the GSD and across the vast network of Harvard and MIT. Additionally, they engage with faculty and students, participate in Fellowship events, and collaborate with their peers. They become part of a powerful, growing network of colleagues who are committed to revitalizing communities.

 In 2017, Rahel Shawl became the first architect from sub-Saharan Africa to receive the Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Rahel strongly advocates that architects must be the leading voices to bring positive impact within the construction sector. This will ensure the health and well-being of communities, cities, and the built environment. Her wide range of experience results from engaging in collaborative design works with local and international colleagues, partners, and clients. She is constantly engaging in areas of design thinking where aspects of home, place, and identity are important. Rahel also passionately engages in the advocacy for equity in design practices and engages with young people to promote and share knowledge of architecture.

Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Design