Sewit Hotel Apartment Building

TYPOLOGY: Residence LOCATION: Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA ARCHITECTS: RAAS ARCHITECTS CLIENT:  Ezana Bocretsion & Sewit Bocretsion YEAR OF REALIZATION: N/A  CONTRACT VALUE: BIRR —- million. PLOT AREA: 2,600M² Status: Schematic Design

A stunning hotel apartment building design, that merges functionality and sustainability with elegant architecture. This 19-story hotel apartment building is designed to be a landmark for the project area and for the city as a whole. The building is located in the Kasanchis area, a quiet and peaceful neighborhood that is yet close to the city’s center. The site has a magnificent view of the Yeka mountains and forests, and a tributary of the famous River Kebenna is just a few meters away.

The concept behind this hotel apartment building is a unique and innovative design that redefines luxury in the Ethiopian context. The site layout is designed to maximize the views of the surrounding mountains and forests, with impressive panoramic views of the city. The building towers are positioned to create a sense of privacy and seclusion for the residents and guests. The architectural volume of the building towers is simple and modern, with a clean and elegant lines. The materials used for the exterior are a mix of glass, steel, and concrete, which create a striking contemporary look that depict the Ethiopian traditional artifacts and motifs in an abstract and creative way.

The building complex is composed of two basement floors, three stories of podium, and a 16-story apartment tower with the top two floors dedicated for penthouse units. The basement floors are used for parking and service areas. The podium floors are dedicated to shops, bank, supermarket, wellness center, community center, and rental office space. The apartment towers have a total of 84 units, mainly two and three-bedroom apartments. The penthouse floors have four units, each with its own generous garden terrace.

The apartments are spacious and well-appointed, with top-notch amenities. The building also has a variety of common areas, such as a swimming pool, gym, and terrace, where residents and guests can relax and socialize.

The general concept of the project is to create a luxurious and sustainable hotel apartment building that offers residents and guests a unique and relaxing experience. This hotel apartment tower building concept will be a great example to reflect on how to have comfortable and convenient spaces without compromising on a high-end modern and elegant design.