TYPOLOGY: Landscape

LOCATION: Kew Gardens,London, UK


CLIENT: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Museum of Architecture


BUILT AREA: 320-acre site 


The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, collaboration with the Museum of Architecture, held a competition which is part of the Treehouses at Kew Exhibition, which runs from April to October 2023.

RAAS Architects have entered a competition with theme ‘Ethiopia’.

Concept : Home is more than a house. Home connects living creatures to the built and the natural environment at a deeper, emotional level. People tend to talk of Home not in relation to the house, which is a protected and enclosed space, but rather about how this space makes them feel. It was clear therefore that this tree house at Kew Gardens should be designed not only as shelter and canopy representing a house, but to intrinsically capture the essence and feelings of home. 

We are focusing on creating spaces that evoke the feeling of “home” through three specific zones: Finding Home, Staying Home, and Becoming Home. The structure is made of sustainable materials, including pine softwood, Timber frame structural elements, and natural rope woven with colorful threads. This creates intricate patterns that reflect the surrounding forest landscape. The wooden material on furniture and floors will be carefully sanded, painted, and assembled on-site using an efficient prefabrication approach. Structural engineers from Arup are overseeing the design process in coordination. The roof and furnishings will feature diverse patterns, engraves and artistic embellishments, enhancing the user experience.