The Abyssinia Award was established in January of 2009 E.C. with the goal of recognizing exceptional individuals and groups whose contributions have made significant improvements to Ethiopia, Africa, and the world. The organization’s mission is to acknowledge and incentivize those who have produced significant results in their work, which have a greater impact on our nation, Africa, the world, and its people. By doing so, the organization is working towards preserving the history of our nation and people, which will lead to a sustainable future for all.

RAAS Architects was recognized in 2017 with the Abyssinia Award for Social Engagement in the fields of Architecture and Engineering. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the award seeks to celebrate the efforts and hard work of individuals and groups who have made a difference in improving their communities.

Rahel Shawl received the Abyssinian award from the former President of Ethiopia, Germa Welde Giyorgis.