TYPOLOGY: Hospitality LOCATION: Arba Minch, Ethiopia ARCHITECTS: RAAS ARCHITECTS CLIENT:  Prime Minister Office YEAR OF REALIZATION: –  CONTRACT VALUE: BIRR —- million. PLOT AREA: 120ha Status: Concept Design

In the heart of southern Ethiopia, located among breathtaking natural landscapes and vibrant cultural experiences, lies the city of Arba Minch, meaning “40 Springs” in reference to its abundant natural water resources. Commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office as part of the Gebeta Le Tewled initiative, a feasibility study and concept design have been developed for a state-of-the-art conference resort adjacent to Lake Abaya.

Sprawling across 120 hectares, the resort will offer a seamless blend of contemporary design and local inspiration. Drawing upon the traditional settlement patterns and vernacular architecture of the Gamo society, the resort features distinct rooflines that evoke a sense of community and connection to the land.

Designed to be a sustainable haven, the resort boasts a range of facilities, including a reception, restaurant and bar, gym and spa, swimming pool, kitchen, multipurpose hall, conference hall, bungalows, standard rooms, general services, staff accommodations, lakeside facilities, parking, a boat pier, an artificial lake, and a 9-hole pitch putt golf course.


As a destination wedding venue and a catalyst for economic growth, the Arba Minch Conference Resort promises to be a beacon of tourism and cultural awareness in the region. It will not only attract international visitors but also create new jobs, improve infrastructure and services, and promote the rich natural and cultural heritage of Arba Minch. This project embodies the very essence of the Gebeta Le Tewled initiative, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.