Domus Magazine

RAAS Architects was named as one of the top 50 architecture firms by Domus magazine. Domus is an international architectural and design magazine based in Milan, Italy. Domus is considered to be one of the most influential design magazines in the world. Domus is known for its critical and forward thinking approach to design and its commitment to exploring the intersections between design, society and culture. 

Domus Magazines list of top 50 architecture firms is compiled based on a combination of factors, including the firm’s overall design excellence, innovation, sustainability, and the impact of their work on society and the built environment. The magazine considers a variety of factors, including the firm’s portfolio of completed projects, their design approach and philosophy, their use of technology and materials, their contribution to sustainable design, and their overall impact on the built environment. The final list is typically a reflection of the magazine’s editorial perspective on the firms that are leading the way in the field of architecture. 

RAAS Architects was chosen for the 2020 list based on our impressive portfolio of work, which showcases our commitment to creating sustainable and contextually responsive designs that reflect the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve. The projects range from residential and commercial buildings to public spaces and cultural institutions, and we are known for our use of local materials and traditional building techniques to create modern, functional structures.

RAAS architects’ selection for Domus magazine’s top 50 best architecture firms is a testament to our innovative approach to design and our commitment to creating sustainable, socially responsible architecture that reflects the needs and aspirations of the communities we serve.