The 15-year anniversary ceremony

RAAS Architects recently celebrated its 15th anniversary with a ceremony held on November 2 at the Gullele Botanical Garden. 

The team had a fantastic time during the event, which included an exciting hike to the highest point of the Gullele Botanical Garden. The garden is a must-visit destination that offers a stunning view of the city and provides an ideal spot to enjoy nature. During the festivities, the team enjoyed a guided hike, shared lunch, and indulged in cake and coffee. They also had the opportunity to reminisce about the last 15 years of RAAS and share some laughs. Team-building activities included telling jokes, taking photos, and playing games that helped everyone bond and have fun. Overall, it was an unforgettable day for the team, as they were joined by their loved ones, interns, and former employees. Yonatan Ayallew and Bemnet Teklemaryam deserve credit for capturing all the day’s photos, while Bethelehem Hailu designed the celebration T-shirt. The RAAS team left the gardens feeling energized, motivated, and closer than ever, The RAAS team left the garden of Gullele felling energized, motivated, and closer than ever, ready to tackle the next year with renewed ‘we care’ for the environment.