Temsalet is a remarkable book that features inspiring stories and stunning photographic portraits of 64 contemporary Ethiopian women who have overcome age-old barriers to achieve success in their respective fields. Each woman tells her own story, sharing where she came from, the challenges she faced, what helped her succeed, what inspires her, and what advice she has for young girls and women growing up today. These phenomenal women come from a wide range of fields and backgrounds, and their ages span from their 20s to their 90s. The book is edited and compiled by Mary-Jane Wagle, with photography by Aida Muluneh. It is a project of the Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations, which is dedicated to advancing women’s rights and equality in Ethiopia. The book is published in 2015 by Tsehai Publishers of Los Angeles, California. In addition to the women’s stories, Temsalet features a foreword by First Lady Roman Tesfaye and an essay on women in Ethiopian history by Rita Pankhurst. One of the featured women in the book is Rahel Shawl, who is a true role model for young women everywhere. The book is a celebration of the incredible achievements of Ethiopian women and an inspiration to all those who seek to break through barriers and achieve their goals.