TYPOLOGY: Landscape



CLIENT:Prime Minister Office


BUILT AREA: 3.7 ha

STATUS: Under Construction

Nestled in the heart of Ethiopia’s enchanting Wonchi Crater Lake, Wonchi Eco-Lodge is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Imagine standing on the shores of this breathtaking lake, surrounded by the magical natural beauty and gentle sounds of nature. This is where our vision comes to life at Wonchi Eco-Lodge, one of the Gebeta LeHager Projects, launched at the initiation of the Prime Minister with the aim of creating large tourist attraction locations around Ethiopia where the nature and cultural beauty has not been exploited to its full potential.

Design done in collaboration with Italian architectural firm Westway Architects, Wonchi Eco Lodge is set to become a heavenly tourist destination. The lodge has a public facility building with a reception, restaurant, bar, shops, conference room, pool, spa, and other amenities to serve its guests’ want and needs. It also has 2 Presidential Suits and 22 Tukuls that are built with care. Terraced outdoor event space, children’s playground, and campfire site, all carefully designed to provide guests with a high-end experience.

RAAS Architects started working on the landscape design with the aim of bringing the site back to its original natural formation. The sloppy terrain coming down to the crater lake was restored. Landscape construction was kept minimal. Plant species suitable and historical for the location were chosen. Trees act as sound and visual buffers, ensuring a sense of tranquility and privacy. Aromatic and flowering plants add a touch of sensory delight, bringing pleasant smells and visual beauty to every corner. One of the highlights of our design is the widespread planting of false banana trees, mimicking the way local residents cultivate them in their backyards. The landscape design of the Wonchi Eco-Lodge is a testament to our commitment to preserving the pristine beauty of the surroundings. With minimal construction, we’ve allowed nature to reclaim its rightful place.

At Wonchi Eco-Lodge, the architecture and landscape design exist in perfect harmony with nature. The lodge seamlessly blends modern luxury with traditional Ethiopian craftsmanship, creating a space that feels both familiar and extraordinary. Whether you choose to explore the hidden gems of the highlands, dive in the pool overlooking the lake, or simply bask in the serenity of your private retreat, every moment will be an unforgettable memory. Welcome to Wonchi Eco-Lodge, where nature and luxury intertwine to create a truly magical escape.